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Mary Souza

Mary Souza


My involvement as a Real Estate Agent has been a bright star in the second chapter of my life. While growing up on the island of Oahu and living in rented homes until my teenage years, I never imagined that someday I would have the privilege to represent buyers and sellers of these homes.

     My early years were spent gaining an education at SacredHeartsAcademy, Star of the Sea Schools and on to KalaniHigh School. Being a wife and mother was my first course of action prior to choosing a career and more education. My business experience was gained by spending quality years of employment with Von Hamm Young and the Hawaii Corporation Textile Division, Mar-Go Hawaii Travel (family owned) as an Assistant Manager; and many valuable years employed at SacredHeartsAcademy and Straub Clinic and Hospital. Interest in the legal world and an attraction to legal language led me to pursue a Paralegal Degree. While still working on that degree, it is my hope to combine it with my Real Estate experience someday soon.

     I am grateful that my choice to attend a Real Estate Class eight years ago steered me to a greater path. Choosing to be an agent with Savio Realty has enhanced my experience and helped me to unveil a passion of guiding first time homeowners of all ages to a goal worth reaching, especially in Hawaii. For the past eight years, I have witnessed my daughter, close friends and associates and special new clients realize this dream. With pride and exuberance, I hand them the keys to their new homes on their day of recordation and look forward to the next opportunity.

    My cherished time off finds me embracing moments with my 5 grandchildren, travelling to Minnesota and sailing across or sitting on the shores of Waikiki beach. My goal remains to be a constant vigil for clients while keeping current and abreast of Real Estate issues.   It brings me pleasure to be ready and available to serve the needs of Hawaii residents; to walk alongside them on their journey to the priceless dream of homeownership in Hawaii.

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Keeping Hawaii Home

Anyone who has had the opportunity to spend New Year's Eve in Hawaii knows that it is a memorable and unique occasion.  Throughout the years, fireworks activity has risen, fallen, and risen again.  Kamaainas prevail and the celebration happens with or without laws.  Homes are filled with every ethnic menu imaginable and ethnicities are shared and cherished by all.  Family members fill our homes and the cracking sound of fireworks in the air warms our hearts.

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