Our History

Our founder, Peter Savio, was born in Hilo in 1948, and graduated with a BBA in Real Estate from The University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1970.  After a decade of experience in the real estate industry (both as a sales manager and as an instructor), he founded his first real estate sales and management company in 1980 called Savio Realty Ltd. In 1981, he founded Savio Development Co., Inc. as a condominium conversion company.

After 20 years of running these two companies, he opened Hawaiian Island Homes, Ltd. and Hawaiian Island Development Co., Inc. (real estate sales/management and condo conversion, respectively) in 2001.  The Savio Group of Companies has earned numerous accolades and awards over the years, including being one of "Hawaii's Top 250 Companies" from 1991-2001.

The Savio Group now includes a number of companies that specialize in real estate brokerage, lease-to-fee and condo conversions, rentals & property management, maintenance, student housing, and hotel development. 

  • Savio Realty Ltd.
  • Savio Asset Management, Ltd.
  • Savio Development, Ltd.
  • Pagoda Hotel
  • Maui Beach Hotel
  • Hawaii Student Suites

Company Profile

Savio Realty Ltd. is the real estate brokerage arm of the group of companies that was founded by Peter Savio over 30 years ago. The Savio Group of Companies is best known for its successful condominium conversion and resale of residential, hotel and commercial units as well as sale of leased fee conversions. To date, the Savio Group of Companies has successfully converted and acted as sales agents for more than 40 residential, commercial and hotel projects. 

Savio Realty Ltd. has a unique marketing approach to selling its inventory. It is Savio Realty Ltd.’s goal to sell a project’s aggregate inventory within a few days of going to market. Through a unique direct marketing approach, Savio Realty Ltd. has successfully sold over 30,000 residential, hotel and commercial condominium units and fee conversions. As Honolulu’s leading condominium converter, Savio Realty Ltd. sells condominium units to first-time homebuyers as well as luxury investors.

Savio Realty Ltd. has been a project broker for both institutional investors and developers, as well as for individual building owners. Institutional investors that have engaged Savio Realty Ltd. include Pacific Century Trust (Bank of Hawaii), Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, TheBaywest Group, C. Brewer and Company Ltd., the Shidler Group, Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate and the Anderson Group. We are proud of the fact that in over 25 years and 30,000 transactions, not one of our projects sales has resulted in litigation. Based on the volume of transactions, our companies have maintained one of the best records for non-litigation in Hawaii, if not in the country.



The Savio Group of Companies is a full-service real estate group. Within Savio Realty Ltd., we have a General Brokerage division, a Projects division, and a Lease-to-Fee division:

The General Brokerage Division transacts more than $340,000,000 of real estate sales annually. Clients of the General Brokerage Division run the gamut from first-time home buyer to the luxury vacation real estate investor. Contact the GB Division or call 808.955.6672.

The Projects Division has completed over a dozen projects including Ala Wai Terrace, Bamboo Hotel, Bishop Manor, and Century Park Plaza. Call 808.398.6200.

The Lease to Fee Division has assisted lessors and lessees with the sale and purchase of fee interests since 1985. The Lease to Fee Division was the real estate representative for the Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate for the sale of its fee interest. In addition, we were also appointed sales agents for numerous organizations and individuals, including the following to assist them with their lease to fee conversions. 

To date, we have converted over 24,000 units from leasehold to fee simple ownership in over 200 buildings. The Savio Group is the largest active lease-to-fee converter in the State of Hawaii. Call 808.955.6632.

About the Savio Group

Peter B. Savio is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Savio Group of Companies. Peter has more than 40 years experience in real estate development and sales in the Hawaii market; he has been helping his clients realize the maximum return on their real estate investments since he founded Savio Realty Ltd. in 1980.

Savio Realty Ltd.

Focused in Residential and Commercial real estate across the islands and rental management on the Big Island. With 3 offices and 100+ agents, we can help you buy, sell, or invest in Hawaii real estate. Learn more »

Savio Asset Management LLC

Rentals and property management services. We have extensive experience in helping tenants and property owners with all of their rental needs - from managing properties to maintenance & repairs.  Learn more »

Savio Developments Ltd.

With more than 30 years of project brokerage in Hawaii, Savio Developments is continuously developing landmark properties throughout Hawaii. Learn more »